100% satisfaction - 100% money payback guarantee

We trust Bull's Blood potency-enhancing capsule 100% and we dare to take this guarantee as well.
Try it for 100 days and if you are not satisfied we refund the full purchase price!
Why do we dare to do this?
Because we know it is effective.

This is how 100% money payback guarantee works:

  1. Purchase the full cure (The duration of the cure is 3 months or about 90 days with 3 boxes of BullBlood potency-enhancer capsules.)
  2. Take the cure (90 days).
  3. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, then return the full order; all opemed and possibly unopened boxes, remaining capsules.
  4. Attach a claim to the returned package.
  5. We do not ask anything, we do not criticize, we do not judge; as soon as your package arrives, we will pay back the full purchase price.
  6. Please do not send your parcel with a cash on delivery because we will not be able to take it; you will get the purchase price guaranteed even if you just simply send the package via a post office.
  7. You will receive your money within 30 days with a postal voucher.
  8. You can validate this warranty only at your first purchase.
  9. Once we refund the price of your BullBlood capsules you will no longer be able to order this product. Once you were dissatisfied with it why would you buy it again?

Where is the fine print here? What are the conditions for repayment?

The only thing you need to do is to send us back the opened and unopened packages and indicate your claim. No further action is needed.

There is only one thing among fine print: we can not refund you the postal costs because you paid this not to us but to a third company.

There is no other condition, no more fine print.

Our company has been operating for more than 10 years and we would like it to last for at least three times more, therefore your satisfaction is a prestigious issue for us. We simply ‘can not afford’ dissatisfied customers.

Hosszú távú megoldás a mindennapi potenciazavarra

What is BullBlood by XXL Powering dietary supplement capsule good for?

It helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation, softening in act and other potency problems. It helps you control your orgasm and ejaculation so that you and your partner can have a mutually satisfactory sex life.

Contrary to most products

BullBlood is not a non-scheduled tablet, it is not a symptomatic treatment that needs to be taken before a sexual act, but offers a long-term, cure-free solution regardless of age.

BullBlood is a capsule created for potency-loss and potency increase

Which is made from a special blend of long-known herbs. It causes lower abdomen hyperaemia, relieves stress and helps the body to produce serotonin, so it faces three sides with the potency problems and the annoyances with early ejaculation.

Early ejaculation can be treated!

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