What's the secret of BullBlood's efficiency?


The BullBlood potency enhancer is made of natural ingredients. Its material is a specially formulated blend of long-known herbs that we developed in accordance with the latest researches.

It is manufactured in a factory approved by cGMP, from fresh ingredients, und er strictly controlled conditions.

Each capsule is 100% guaranteed.

It does not contain hormones or artificial additives, an OÉTI licensed potency increaser recommended by doctors.

OÉTI  license number: 15373/2014


The BullBlood potency enhancer is made of the following ingredients:

  • Powdered North American Passionflower leaf extract (Passiflora incarnata): calming, stress-relieving, helps to alleviate stress in potency problems

  • Pale palm (Serenoa Repen): has beneficial effects on prostate and prostate function control mechanisms.

  • L-Arginine is a natural amino acid that can only be produced by our body under certain conditions and the lack of it is due to everyday stress. L-Arginine in the capsule helps to reduce tension and eliminate erection problems.

  • Hawthorn berry (Crataegus laevigata): reduces tension, relaxes smooth muscles, relieves stress, on the other hand it has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

  • Korean ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng): enhances performance, relieves fatigue, helps intimate gatherings become more common and last longer. It increases sexual desire, is an effective antidote to potency problems.

  • Royal jelly extract: helps prevent and overcome prostate problems, stress and fatigue. It stimulates the body's production of testosterone and is therefore an effective solution for potency problems.

  • Japanese Corn Fruit Extract (Cornus officinalis): a herbal medicine essential in Chinese medicine, with particularly good results in treating erectile problems.

  • Vitamin B6: Indispensable (inter alia) in the proper functioning of the nervous system, in the prevention of heart disease and plays a key role in the balance of sex hormones.

  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate: active form of Vitamin B6, is a coenzyme in a variety of enzymatic reactions

  • Folic acid: It is very important in serotonin production, it is stress-relieving, soothing, stimulating happiness.

Hosszú távú megoldás a mindennapi potenciazavarra

What is BullBlood by XXL Powering dietary supplement capsule good for?

It helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation, softening in act and other potency problems. It helps you control your orgasm and ejaculation so that you and your partner can have a mutually satisfactory sex life.

Contrary to most products

BullBlood is not a non-scheduled tablet, it is not a symptomatic treatment that needs to be taken before a sexual act, but offers a long-term, cure-free solution regardless of age.

BullBlood is a capsule created for potency-loss and potency increase

Which is made from a special blend of long-known herbs. It causes lower abdomen hyperaemia, relieves stress and helps the body to produce serotonin, so it faces three sides with the potency problems and the annoyances with early ejaculation.

Early ejaculation can be treated!

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